Changing the way people view business education with Sasin's new website

Design & Development:

  • Conducted user interviews and focus groups to understand the needs of Sasin’s target audience
  • Created personas and user journeys to inform design decisions
  • Created wireframes and high-fidelity mockups to visualize the user experience
  • Designed a visually appealing and intuitive interface
  • Developed a responsive design to ensure optimal viewing on all devices
  • Implemented custom CMS for managing content and updates
  • Developed event calendar and registration system
  • Created custom forms for lead generation and inquiry management
  • Integrated with social media platforms
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Designed an easy-to-use program comparison tool that allows users to select and compare multiple programs
  • Added filters to help users narrow down their options
  • Implemented calls-to-action and lead magnets to encourage users to take action

Technical Services

  • Back-end and API Integration:
    • Integrated with third-party systems and APIs to enhance functionality
    • Developed custom back-end solutions to support the needs of the site
  • Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager/Google Search Console Setup:
    • Configured and implemented tracking and measurement tools to track user behavior and website performance
  • Server Security and System Maintenance:
    • Implemented security measures to protect against cyber threats
    • Conducted regular system maintenance to ensure optimal performance
  • Technical Support:
    • Provided ongoing support and troubleshooting to ensure the smooth operation of the site

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