Year 2021


Eating for health made easy with Imm's customizable menu builder

Project Overview

  • Client: Imm
  • Services Provided: Website design and development

Design and Development

  • Conducted design research to understand the needs and preferences of Imm’s target audience
  • Created a user-friendly website with a modern design that showcases Imm’s food design services
  • Improved the overall user experience by optimizing the site for ease of use and quick loading times

Key Features

  • Customized menu builder tool that allows customers to create their own nutritious meals based on their health needs and preferences
  • Integration with Imm’s existing customer database to allow for seamless ordering and delivery
  • Responsive design that ensures the website looks great and functions smoothly on all devices
  • Interactive nutrition calculator that helps customers understand the nutritional content of their meals
  • Advanced search and filtering functionality that makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for

Technical Support

  • Set up and configured Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to help Imm track website traffic and user behavior
  • Integrated the website with back-end systems and APIs to allow for efficient data management and processing
  • Set up and configured Google Search Console to help Imm improve their website’s visibility and search engine rankings
  • Implemented server security measures to protect Imm’s data and ensure the website remains online
  • Provided ongoing technical support to help Imm maintain and update their website as needed


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