Year 2020


Join the movement for positive change with BrandThink's user-generated content platform.

Design & Development

  • Conducted design research to understand the needs of BrandThink’s users
  • Created a modern and user-friendly design for the website
  • Improved the user experience through intuitive navigation and layout
  • Developed and implemented new features to enhance the user experience

Highlight Features

  • Improved content organization and discoverability
  • Enhanced social media integration
  • Added interactive elements to increase engagement
  • Implemented responsive design for optimal viewing on any device
  • Incorporated high-quality visuals to enhance the overall aesthetic
  • Added search functionality to help users find what they need quickly
  • Improved loading speeds for a seamless user experience
  • Enhanced security measures to protect user data
  • Added new languages to increase accessibility
  • Implemented a comprehensive content management system

Technical Support & Maintenance

  • Set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track website performance
  • Integrated Google Search Console for improved search engine optimization
  • Ensured server security and implemented system maintenance procedures
  • Provided ongoing technical support to ensure smooth operation of the website

Overall, 5Lab helped modernize and improve the functionality of BrandThink’s website, resulting in a more user-friendly experience for its users.

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